Let it tumble. #DominoEffect #PostPositives

The Domino Effect | Just give it one moment!
Our mind is a rail of thoughts, Stop by stop, moving across. Twists and turns, it has it all, Tumble on one and they all fall
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Tobacco companies kill their best customers, don’t be one. #WorldNoTobaccoDay

Would you still smoke after reading this post? | Say No
Stained teeth, tougher breathing and a bad health. Damn. What a way to start an article. Smoking does what but
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Nicki Minaj, secretly helping an Indian community. #Celeb #PostPositives

Nicki’s secret charity project to help develop an Indian village | Celebrity Humanitarians
You may have been impressed by her music or not, it may be great or not, but you surely got to love the way Nicki Minaj has been using her money lately
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