Food unites people. #Together #PostPositives

How Food Can Bring People Together | Some food for thought
Food is more than just survival, it helps us make friends and sometimes end hostility too. Breaking bread together is one way to remove all the cultural barriers and help
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Shorya Mahanot proves that an artist’s age doesn’t determine the quality of his artwork. #Artist #Prodigy #Postpositives

Artist Prodigy – The Seven-Year-Old Jackson Pollock | Shorya Mahanot
When we hear the phrase “abstract art by a seven-year-old,” the first thing that comes to our mind is magic marker scrawlings on the couch. But Shorya Mahanot’s art is in
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Here’s wishing the “Master Blaster” a happy birthday. The man who carried a billion dreams, Sachin Tendulkar. #Sachin #GodofCricket #PostPositives

What legends said about the ‘God of Cricket’ | Sachin Tendulkar
There have been many greats in the game of cricket, but very few have come close to the caliber of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. He is fittingly nicknamed as the ‘God of…
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Yoga​, the perfect combination of breathing, exercise and meditation. #Health #Fitness #PostPositives

Yoga poses & asanas for beginners | Yogasanas
Yoga has its origin in ancient India but has eventually gained its popularity all over the world. As it offers numerous health benefits, it is highly recommended by most of the fitness gurus.
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